About Us


Our pizzas, our heritage and our people don’t settle for anything less than the best savory pizza. Our traditional wood-fired oven bakes them at high temperature within no time. We use authentic ingredients of Italian origin. Our Moto
"Serving piping hot pizzas every time, whenever you want to enjoy them"


The world is filled with ready-made, conventional and easy to make pizzas. But people forgot, authenticity is the reality and the way of life. Therefore, Along with Quick service and amazing taste at the epicenter of everything,

we use a healthier option, the Type 00 milled Italian flour, ideal for Pizzas specifically. The dough maintains the elasticity in the crunchy loaf of bread. Hey! It’s fun to watch pizzas be prepared. We welcome you to join us and watch the kitchen live, preparing your pizza quickly and hygienically.

Most importantly! “It’s not a regular pizza, it’s a Zonatello pizza”