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City of Naples the birthplace of authentic Neapolitan pizzas inspires Zonatello in every step of the way. Team Zonatello thrives to create an impact, in order to bring Neapolitan style pizzas to masses while keeping superb quality, quick service and amazing taste at the epicenter of everything. We welcome you to join us in preparing and serving pizzas quickly and hygienically while making profits and happy diners.

Our Moto

Our pizzas, our heritage and our people don’t settle for anything less than the best savory pizza. Our traditional wood-fired oven bakes them at a high temperature within no time. We use authentic ingredients of Italian origin. Hence, Our Moto “Piping hot Neapolitan pizzas, because it makes a difference.”


Zonatello is happy to offer several franchises due to a huge demand at many new locations. A Zonatello franchise will be a unique opportunity in the ever-growing pizza industry, as the number of people that love Neapolitan pizzas has never been higher. Team Zonatello is committed to make your business a successful and hassle-free journey.


During the tenure of the franchise, the following fees are applicable:

Service fee: a monthly fee based upon the pizzeria’s sales performance (currently a service fee of 4.0% of monthly sales).

Marketing Fee: A monthly fee based upon the restaurant’s location.


Swift service

Live Kitchen

Healthy and Hygienic

Our Contribution

Team Zonatello provides Marketing & Branding Support, Software Training, Staff Training and Kitchen Set up Support. Along with site selection, interior planning, and equipment. Most importantly, centralized Material acquisition makes everything Easy.


10 Years.

Submit an application via email. An online application form is available which can be submitted electronically.

For more details contact us through email-

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a traditional Zonatello franchise ranges from ₹25,00,000 to ₹30,00,000. This includes an initial franchise fee of ₹5,00,000 that must be paid to the franchisor.

To learn more about the costs, benefits and pride associated with the process, contact us.

We require all franchisees to complete our training program prior to being allowed to operate pizzeria. Generally, the training is anywhere from 30-45 days while being done on a part-time and on-job training basis.

Zonatello does not permit partnerships or investors currently. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, at company’s sole discretion.

Profitability depends on many factors, including operating and occupancy costs, financing terms and most important, your ability to operate the business effectively.

Zonatello is an equal opportunity franchiser by choice. Zonatello is seeking individuals who are capable of operating multiple locations. Candidates who have successfully operated multiple businesses may be suited to operating several Zonatello franchises.

  • 50,000+/- sq. ft.
  • Corner or corner wrap with signage on two major streets.
  • Signalized intersection.
  • Ability to build up to 4,000 sq. ft.
  • Parking to meet all applicable codes.
  • Ability to build to a minimum height of 23′ 4″.